Hart’s War

Year Released: 2002
Main Stars: Bruce Willis, Colin Farrell, Terrence Howard, Marcel Iures
Last watched: December 2012
Review Date: December 2012
Number Watches: 1
Format Watched: TV

A WW2 movie but one where there’s more atmosphere than fighting and it’s good.

Bruce plays a strong character and his Brucey stare works wonderfully to stop dead anyone who’s caught in it. He’s not the main guy here and as a supporting role, he takes up the screen each time he appears.

Colin fits here too as an officer who hasn’t seen action trying to make good in a world of bad-asses. His baby-faced looks are a great contrast with Bruce and he also plays it well, perhaps better for his British acting style rather than American.

The other guys – honarable mention to Marcel, of course – put up the right background for this play, and play it is. No reason it could not be on stage.

I’ve never seen this side of the American war – no point saying this is about anyone else’s war – so it was an interesting situation with well written script although possibly missing out the nastiest sides of POW and giving too much look-at-me time to the ‘USA machismo’ of the inmates.

Good film, gripping and intriguing but notable mostly for the Bruce, Colin and Marcel interaction.


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