Lady And The Tramp

Year Released: 1955
Main Stars: Peggy Lee, Spaghetti and THAT song
Last watched: December 2012
Review Date: December 2012
Number Watches: 3
Format Watched: TV

I would hope there are very few people of any age out there that haven’t heard of the first batch of big screen Disney animations. It’s almost part of world culture! Lady and the Tramp is the one about the dogs.

Long time since I’d seen this and I was kinda expecting the worst. You know the feeling – childhood memories suddenly blown apart by the adult reality where you ‘know better’ and don’t get the same excited wonder, instead you uncontrollably point at holes in things that were magical when you were a kid.

But no. Apart from the dialog being a little slow in places, this was pretty much the same as umpteen years ago.

Animation is good, dog characterisation is surprisingly good, plot is ok for kids and ignorable for grown ups as, let’s face it, that song – “he’s a tramp – boom boom rough!” – is excellent.

Highly recommended on TV although I personally wouldn’t want to ruin the adult magic by having this classic ‘on tap’ on my DVD shelf. Some things are worth the wait.


Keep DVD?

Watch if on TV?

Snog, Marry, Avoid?


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