Kung Fu Panda

Year Released: 2008
Main Stars: Jack Black, Lucy Liu, Dustin HoffmanIan McShane, Jackie Chan, Seth RoganJames Hong
Last watched: December 2012
Review Date: December 2012
Number Watches: 2
Format Watched: TV

“No matter what you do, that seed will grow to be a peach tree.”

Didn’t like it the first time, thought it was ‘ok’ but no more. Loved it the second time. Just goes to show you…. something.

Anyway, the cartoon quality disappears quite quickly to be replaced by a world of believable fantasy. Jack does his thing and Dustin is great but until I heard Seth, there wasn’t a really good ‘fun’ element, you know? That point at which the austerity of the plot gets splattered with humour. After that, I relaxed a bit and accepted Jack as a the main hero. I also wondered if Seth was one of the choices for Panda but Jack was in acendence at the time.

Don’t think of KFP as a deep film or one that relies on computer-animated greatness. Just enjoy it as a cartoon. Not a big adult show or an outright kiddie cartoon, it’s more like a family event but I don’t like using that term as people think of that as meaning twee with generations of kids sitting in rows in front of the TV as grandparents gently fart in the comfy seats. No, I just think there’s nothing offensive or overly complicated here.

I liked Jack and friends but it’s not a classic cartoon.


Keep DVD?
Yes, but only as a collection of animated films so I could pick from one.

Watch if on TV?

Snog, Marry, Avoid?


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I'm just another film watcher with an opinion.
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