Year Released: 2010
Main Stars: Ron Perlman, Josh Hartnett
Last watched: December 2012
Review Date: December 2012
Number Watches: 1
Format Watched: DVD

“I bet that sounds better in Japanese”

Dull dull and incredibly, dull. I don’t know how it manages to be so immensely dull and boring. Well, that’s not true, I have a few clues.

The style is very sin city athough the sets are real and deliberately like cardboard. The idea is very Japanese and hero worshipping but…. it’s so very dull that both of us watching it nearly fell asleep. Honestly. The fights are drudgery and the deep meaningful pauses are treacle trying to flow through mud. You don’t care and just want it all to stop. I’d be surprised if anyone who ever watched a film before would make it through this without a serious amount of nodding off. It is absolute pants ripped from the jaws of so many possibilities. There are so many things that seem to be going for it but it misses on all attempts to be cool and is so fantastically dull.

Firmly the fault of the script and director with a fair amount of guilt heaped on the fight choreographer as well who surely wondered why he was bothering. It’s not as if it’s a cheap looking film – the sets, the actors, all must have cost a massive piles of studio cash.

Do not even think about this, just walk away. Seriously. I know it looks good on paper but on film it’s pure bollocks.

DVD Extras: A trailer, that’s it.

Keep DVD?

Watch if on TV?

Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Avoid BIG time.


About Simon Trail

I'm just another film watcher with an opinion.
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