Year Released: 2011
Main Stars: John Hurt, Mickey Rourke, Henry Cavill
Last watched: January 2013
Review Date: January 2013
Number Watches: 1

The acting is dull, script practically non existant, costumes epically plastic and table cloth and yet…

The budget is obviously huge and the locations and computer stuff are titanic. Make up, camera work, fights, the entire look and feel is wonderfully sumptuous. Really, any scene could be taken out and showcased.

The problem seems to be with the script which is tired and uninventive. Only John Hurt carries off any level of importance but he only pops in twice.
I don’t regret watching this one – it was in the £3 bucket – and I can honestly recommend it as a bit of fun but only as a choice appetiser, not the main course. Its not going to make it onto my ‘keep’ shelf!


DVD Extras: Small peanuts, a bit interesting but not worth it.

Keep DVD?

Watch if on TV?

Snog, Marry, Avoid?
I have to say avoid. Might be fun but in defence of the 95% of you who will have better things to do, I’m gonna go avoid on it’s epic ass.


About Simon Trail

I'm just another film watcher with an opinion.
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