The Hurt Locker

Year Released: 2008
Main Stars:
Jeremy Renner (you would recognise him), Anthony Mackie, Ralph Fiennes (for about two seconds)
Last watched: April 2013
Review Date: April 2013
Number Watches: 1
Format Watched: TV

Loads of accolades and I guess I told myself I had to watch it because of that. Mind you, anything that has such a forced weight-of-the-world title is something I doubt I’d like.

The simplistic, doc-u filming technique is interesting and apart from a few shaky cam moments (hate hate hate) there’s a good enough film here. Ever so slightly too American at times with macho US army-wins-everything motif sprinkled but not plastered over the script. Some eerie low budget moments help bring back the realism and there are some uncomfortable and tense scenes that fortunately don’t make use of Hollywood style big music.

Acting isn’t really the point. Everyone makes an adequate job of it although the encounter with the ‘English’ is an obvious ‘free world roolz’ scene and a waste of good actors.  Main man Jeremy plays a character who is just too OTT and non-regulations. Direction to blame there. Not too many twists or exceptional effects. The ending is shit.

Was the ending the decision maker for me? Maybe. I don’t like being taken in by film pathos. Could have been better. I won’t be watching it again but as a one-off  I guess it’s ok but there are better wastes of time out there.

Keep DVD?

Watch if on TV?

Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Avoid. Having looked back on this on over the last couple of weeks, I can’t say I’ve gained anything or even care.


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