Strange Days

Year Released: 1995
Main Stars: Ralph Fiennes,  Angela Bassett,  Juliette LewisTom Sizemore
Last watched: December 2016
Review Date: December 2016
Number Watches: 2
Format Watched: DVD

“Right here. Right now.”

April 2013 review:
No. Just no. The idea is half hearted and the film is for day-time TV or station filler. Ralph looks almost out of place and I’m sure he would prefer not to remember this one.

December 2016 review:
First time I saw this I didn’t like it at all. Not much has changed.

There’s a made-for-tv quality and the camera work out side of the ‘virtual reality’s takes switches too quickly between scenes and actors. Disappointing considering the attempted direction of the script and the fine performances from Ralph and Angela. They really do put their hearts into it but lighting, sets background all let them down and make it very difficult to care about their performances amongst the dross.

The crowd scenes are defiantly the pieces to avoid as the heavy metal music and stupid macho crowd shouting are so obvious it’s like seeing the cliches from a film student. Dark lighting for the modern parts, bright sunlight for the flashbacks. Very difficult to avoid being annoyed at all this.

Unfortunately the tech and setting are very dated and that’s another shame as the main device of a brain-drug was quite forward thinking.

This is one I wouldn’t advise for anyone due to the way its been made and it’s such a shame as Angela should have become a female role-model, she’s that strong.

DVD Extras: A ‘making of’ but more an advert. Not good.

Watchability (once, twice, etc.)
Once if you’re keen on the idea but nunce in any other situation.
Keep DVD?
Watch if on TV?
Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Hug. There is only just enough to keep this from an avoid.



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