Year Released: 1979
Main Stars: Ray Winstone, Mike Ford, Phil Daniels, Philip Jackson, host of other boys who became well known in UK TV
Last watched:  June 2013
Review Date: June 2013
Number Watches: 2  -sort of.
Format Watched: DVD

I was given the metal box set of Scum for Christmas and it lay around for years. I didn’t want to watch it but the box was one I couldn’t throw out so it just waited me out until I eventually gave in and, one night when the wife was out with the girls, I watched the TV version. It was a lot less difficult than I imagined.

The word Scum conjures up lots of thugs beating each other up in horrible grimaces. Not so this screen play. Yes, there’s borstal violence and yes, a lot of unhappy faces, but there’s much less of each and more social statements made in humour and character. Don’t be put off. Give this one a try if only to give your brain an outing from the mindless hooliganism that is in most commercial films these days. This is a 30 year old masterpiece that hasn’t dated (except for some flares) and has a massive amount to say.

Not that politics is shoved in your face. You’ll engage with all the inmates, screws and cons alike, and I felt I had to follow up on the TV dramatization with the film version made with mostly the same cast a couple of years later.

This is no Clockwork Orange or Shawshank Redemption. Not for kids but needs to be watched by adults.

DVD Extras: I got the boxset so had both the TV and Film versions and found it worth watching both although there isn’t much difference. The interviews are an insight into the history and problems encountered on the project – for instance the BBC commissioned it then banned it! Also interviews with some of the cast as they were 30 years on which is interesting.
Keep DVD?
Yes. Weird one though as I can’t see me airing this for entertainment some night. Maybe I’m just keeping it for the box!
Watch if on TV?
Don’t think so, not now that I’ve watched both films. But don’t know for sure, I might.
Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Snog for defo but marry? I should but I feel I’d be put on report for not being honest.


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