Rocky Balboa

Year Released: 2006
Main Stars: Sylvester Stallone
Last watched: June 2013
Review Date: June 2013
Number Watches: 1
Format Watched: DVD

It’s the last time Sly will be Rocky. Probably. So did he win by a knock out or get floored in the first round?

Well, I quite liked it. There was a lot of pathos and not a great pace but the way Sly played Rocky was quite nice. I didn’t get someone being a macho, really intelligent guy from this, he was more an ordinary, if extremely muscle-bound, Joe. I’m not a great Sly fan but I was ok with this. He was Rocky before he was himself and that’s a good thing for an actor.

The old guard were there, the old places were there, the connection to the older movies was there. In fact there was nothing out of place in the entire film except the young, modern fighter. He was ok, I suppose, but that side of the plot was definitely a device to steer towards the final showdown and not something that anyone needed to worry about. If we didn’t see him until the end then it would have been ok.

The ending was very saccharine but what would you expect. This was an homage to Rocky and a closure for Sly. Slow for big screen but a nice watch for TV although perhaps more for the incite into the life of the Rocky character than for any exciting plot twists.

DVD Extras: Quite substantial really. Showing filming, the fights, Sly being mega fit and honest, although respectful interviews. Satisfyingly ok extras.

Keep DVD?
Yeah, yo kno.

Watch if on TV?
Maybes yes. Maybes yes, I will do that thing indeed, yo kno.

Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Snog, yo kno. Give it, ah, give it, ah, give it some of the old magics and, yo kno, kiss on da cheek for, yo kno, old times sake. ADRIAN! ADRIAAAAN!

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