Pretty Woman

Year Released: 1990
Main Stars: Richard Gere, Julia Roberts
Last watched:  June 2013
Review Date:  July 2013
Number Watches: 3
Format Watched: DVD, TV

It’s now a classic and rightly so. The story of ordinary girl (Cinderella type) showing the real world to a money obsessed posh knob (or prince) and giving redemption in the final act. It’s obvious and yet wonderfully played.

The underplay is actually good fun. The two worlds of high status and that of the underbelly are not thrust at you in a way that makes either such an ugly option. The lovey-dovey parts are also very dead-pan so from every angle its a safe, fun movie with nothing to make you heave. Besides, the title music is sublime! Go Orbison!

Recommended for the fun aspects and it’s easy to feel comfy with. Not first choice but certainly entertaining whenever it’s around. Bit like some people I know.
Keep DVD?

Watch if on TV?
Yes, not every time.

Snog, Marry, Avoid?


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