Star Trek Into Darkness

Year Released: 2013
Main Stars: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Benedict CumberbatchAlice Eve, Simon Pegg, Karl Urban
Last watched:  May 2015
Review Date:  July 2013 + update June 2015
Number Watches: 2
Format Watched: 3D IMAX / DVD

“I am surprisingly still alive”

Chris and Zachary are a well balanced duo. They really get the whole bickering boy-boy action between the main characters and it shows that they trust each other on screen. Zoe hits the nail on the head as the female main lead who can be both soft and stubborn without  giving way to the boys. Benedict is quite fun as a baddy and Karl does cranky like he’s never been in love but overall I’m not sure the script was as full as it could have been. Maybe I was waiting for some old-school Star Trek to pop through like the last film. It didn’t and I acknowledge that there should be a new path being created. Just… the whole thing seemed a bit, well, pedestrian.

I know. It wasn’t. There was loads of action smashing around the screen and tons of explosions and stuff. I just thought that… well, it….. hmmm. I didn’t get the buzz I wanted. Me or the film? Dunno.

The direction, lighting, effects and music were all great but some of the people on screen were a bit … meh. Not the acting part, that wasn’t the problem. Let’s take Scotty. Honestly, was he necessary for this one? Simon was ok but it feels like Scotty’s a bit actor in all this and that’s a thin reason to have him. Alice was gorgeous and there is one brief(s) shot that is worth having as your desktop but again, her character wasn’t needed.

It’s Star Trek, yes. Good fun, yes. Going to be remembered as a good film? Not so much. Might be they’re trying too hard. I’ll still watch it again and I’m defo up for the next one but then I also went and met Kirk, Picard, Data and David Warner in London so it would take more that a little undeveloped plot to throw me off the shuttle on this 5 year mission.


Yep, same as above. If anything I think this time I didn’t really like Benedict. Not enough of an imposing character.

DVD EXTRAS: Not many but really good behind the scenes and interviews. Fun, just not enough.


Keep DVD?


Watch if on TV?


Snog, Marry, Avoid?



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