Fitness 2nd August 2013

Went to the gym today. I don’t go to gyms. Not strictly true – I’ve tried many gyms and got bored with all of them after only a few weeks. I don’t seem to see a benefit and the pizzas call on me without as much effort so guess who wins that one? This time I went due to a man on TV saying he was told by doctors he was like a toffee – soft on the outside but all his internals were going hard. Prob me too so me and my paranoia went to the gym.

My knee hurts. I went to the place where you get inflicted with fitness and then, after 30 mins on treadmill, some undetermined time on the skiing / cross trainer thing – unknown time as I couldn’t get the display to give me anything but a ‘random hill climb’ so I switched it to some kind of manual – and a couple of odd sessions on the treadmill that were more about which girls were in view than a workout. Well, I say that but there was a different kind of workout on my mind when the girls were doing squats. Is that bad? Well, they shouldn’t be lunging and bending in a public place if they don’t want to be seen. Oh, don’t worry, I wasn’t really thinking anything except, for some bizarre reason, “skinny bitches.” I’m not a girl so this was a bit unexpected and I put it down to being in touch with my feminine side.

So now I’m creaking my way to up the stairs and hoping that tomorrow will be a little easier on the legs. I doubt it.

Sassnfrassin gym workouts.



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I'm just another film watcher with an opinion.
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