Year Released: 2012
Main Stars: Karl Urban, Olivia ThirlbyLena Headey
Last watched: August 2016
Review Date:  August 2013
Number Watches: 2
Format Watched: DVD

Good adaptation of the comic version, certainly better than the Stallone film. Bodies crunch against floors, burning flesh and cold bloodied shots to the head – its not got an 18 rating for nothing and whilst there’s gritty and graphically violent it’s in a way that’s neither realistic nor comical, more like an adult comic or ‘graphic novel’ as some would put it although they would be up their arses. Dredd and Anderson are looking good too whilst the lawgiver and body suit, especially the helmet, are nicely done. Story? A bit light and probably the most disappointing part. Baddie woman isn’t much more than a killer and I kept expecting things to wander into Megacity One a little more. Guess that’s where the budget didn’t want to go.

Karl and Olivia are really good as Dredd and Anderson. They both look the part and seem to have captured what I remember of the duo. Lena surprised me with this dark display and I wish she’d had more to do than stand there talking.

Good, simple film that might be trying to prove itself through a bit of back to basics therapy. Written by the comic writers, it’s definitely a good comic story but perhaps needed something extra as a screenplay. Next time, Joe.

DVD extras: A lot of in-depth, almost geeky interviews and some interesting examinations of the tech and effects. However… no one really smiles. It appears to be either a lot of stress or they just don’t get on. The whole effect is of rather flat feeling. They need Umpty candy. Maybe Dredd banned it.

Update (August 2016): Yep, same thing as above. Like the simplicity and Karl is superbly Dredd. Shame it hasn’t had a remake yet with more Mega City – maybe I need to write that one myself!! Still, it’s a cheap but good-time film and no mistake.
Keep DVD?
Drokk! Yes.
Watch if on TV?
Yes! Thrillseekers Unite!!
Hug, Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Snog the perp.


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