Resident Evil – Retribution

Year Released: 2012
Main Stars: Milla Jovovich, Binbing Li, the T virus
Last watched:  September 2013
Review Date: September 2013
Number Watches: 1
Format Watched: DVD

Milla is lovely. She’s the selling point for these films and even though I know the films are simple zombie-fests, I still want to watch Milla on screen… just one more time!

So this one is a bit more rubbish that the others. Honestly, there’s a lot too much of the game here and the writing is just as 2D as the arcade version. Macho guys that fortunately don’t last long and a game zone that’s got no interest at all, the only two reasons for watching are 1, you like the game / films so much that you cant miss out, and 2, the glorious Milla and to a lesser extent Binbing Li (what a great name!) who look as if they’re having fun and definitely own their roles.

I get the feeling that this one relies on the previous film for those ‘gosh, this is interesting’ moments. I haven’t seen Afterlife yet so that might colour my opinion of Retribution. I notice that there are a lot of flashback-type sequences that I know show tiny bits from the rest of the series as well. They don’t seem so bad but never a good idea to do this except in the very last episode.

It’s so gamey that you get bored when there’s no fights which is quite a lot. Sometimes even the battles aren’t particularly good either. I reckon this was one specifically written for the fans of the arcade, the director taking that tack over a good script.

It’s glossy, big on effects that look real if a little far fetched, even for a zombie movie that’s set in this crazy world. If you want a bit of fun then this might fill the gap but it’s a poor version that gave me the yawn more often than not.

DVD Extras: A gag reel that’s ok, deleted scenes that aren’t anything to write home about and some other stuff. Not great.
Keep DVD?

Watch if on TV?
mmmm. Don’t think I could.

Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Sorry, Milla, I have to avoid the film but if you’re ever up for a proper snog then let me know….


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