Hanover Street

Year Released: 1979
Main Stars: Harrison Ford, Christopher Plummer, Lesley Ann Down, a tiny wee Patsy Kensit
Last watched:  September 2013
Review Date:  November 2013
Number Watches: 1
Format Watched: DVD

“its all happening so fast”

“mummy when am i going to get breasts”

A mid afternoon feature with a great deal spent on the settings, backgrounds and costumes since there isnt much substance to the story.

A romance in the black and white style with the drama of a middle class rain shower on the country estate. Easy going and the acting and camera-work are high quality. Kinda. Bit melodramatic and theatre in places.

It’s a beautifully shot piece in glamourous, soft focus set in the 1940s and that should say it all but there’s a twist of action added too, although not exactly Guns of Navarronne, just enough to be very infrequently interesting.

A war romance if you like that kind of thing. Nothing of substance though.
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