The Last Stand

Year Released: 2013
Main Stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Forest Whitaker, Johnny Knoxville
Last watched: March 2014
Review Date: March 2014
Number Watches: 1
Format Watched: DVD

Arnie is back! He always said he would be but this one is his return to action movies having been off terminating politics for a while. He looks older but no less muscled. I certainly wouldn’t mess with him unless I could get a head start in the opposite direction. So was he worth the wait?

Yes. It’s a fun-enough romp of the old western type with Arnie as the guy in white and an evil bad guy who needs stopping. A bit slow in places and I noticed that I liked the action parts more than the story parts. In fact the let-down is all on the slow pace of the humour and non-action acting. Johnny, or his character at any rate, are supposed to be the funny amongst the bullets but he turns out to be a bit too ‘zany’ and not really of any use to the plot. Most of the other supporting actors are there to pad out the wait until we get to the Ok-Corral style shoot out / drive out, and it’s nice to have a few odd balls however I’d definitely say he director isn’t as comfortable with people as he is with explosions.

Arnie hits the mark, he always does. Let’s face it, he’s Arnie. The oddly harsh violence is unexpected but works as well. Sort of OTT but also more realistic than most action movies. Hard to describe but you’ll see for yourself and see it you should, if you want a bit of predictable fun that doesn’t put you to sleep.

DVD Extras: Making-of, some nice behind-the-scenes home movies and a few unintentional insights into how actors associate with themselves and the rest of the crew. Also the making-of a car scene shows how ludicrously complicated it was. Quite a lot of other stuff too so all in all a good compilation.

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