Alan Partidge: Alpha Papa

Year Released: 2013
Main Stars: Steve Coogan, Colm Meany
Last watched: June 2014
Review Date: July 2014
Number Watches: 1
Format Watched: DVD

He’s a small screen character for me and the movie doesn’t make me think otherwise. Some really good performances though and the world is very real. Partidge is a guy I couldnt be bothered with in real life and I dont find him that interesting to watch. He’s more reality TV than star and I’m not keen on reality TV. Some people think he’s the absolute father of comedy. Not me. You makes your choices, I guess.

However I have to point out that throughout the movie it was Alan Partidge I didnt like, not Steve Coogan. Alan was, and still is, a plonker of the highest plonk. An annoying twat. But he’s still Alan Partidge and this is still about the people in his life. The film was very much about following a strange event in the life of egotist, coward and Walter Mitty character of Alan Partrige.

For that reason you have to think about how well this was made. Everyone was in that world, the direction was spot on, the script occaisionally lapsed into three dimensions when it should have stayed in Alan’s normal two but was quick and witty for the most part. I didn’t connect with any of Alan’s reality so maybe if you get that hook, you’ll be laughing chunks.

Steve, Colm and the entire cast were submerged in their performances so that alone says tons about how much they all put into it. Maybe Alan has to go to America (with a British Director) to show how extraordinarily stupid he really is.

DVD Extras: Not much in the Gag reel but the making-of bits showed why this is. Steve come over as intensely keen to make sure the comedy works. Quite a few extras that I had a lot of time for and then a whole bonus disc that I didn’t.

Keep DVD?

No, not for me.

Watch if on TV?
I doubt it but something inside says I’d be hooked if I caught it half way through.

Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Snog. Not so much avoid the movie, just Alan. He’s such a ding-dong.


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