The Lego Movie

Year Released: 2014
Main Stars: Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, Will Arnett, The beautiful but not seen in this movie Elizabeth Banks
Last watched: July 2014
Review Date: July 2014
Number Watches: 1
Format Watched: TV, Rented on cable.

“Everything is Awesome!”

Not as good as I’d expected. There’s obviously one joke throughout and that is that everything is living Lego and, sure, it’s a blast from the past seeing things I created as a kid but…even from the start, I felt there was something not quite good enough for the concept. I wonder if I’m just too grown up now. After all, it’s a movie for kids and as such it’s still a lot of fun.

So, it’s a movie for kids with a few adult things thrown in, Liam Neeson is totally game for a laugh, and references to older Lego kit that sparks a few chuckles at kidhood and what we were like when we had imaginations. Ah, the things I used to create. *sigh*

Anyway, fun for kids, a bit drawn out for adults and maybe should have been half an hour shorter with more punchy script and direction.


Keep DVD?

I’ve heard there are a lot of extras so I’d give it a go but maybe chuck it after that.

Watch if on TV?

Yes. It’s still a movie about Lego. Probably still be using my tablet to surf the net at the same time though.

Snog, Marry, Avoid?

Snog. It’s for the kids. The movie, not the snog.


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