Year Released: 1992
Last Played: October 2013
Review Date: August 2014
Completed? Yes
Format: PC
Company: Kalypso Media

Scary monsters, super creeps. They keep me running scared and what’s more, so does Anna in this creepy, atmospheric, dark undertaking that actually made me take off my headphones because it was a bit to unsettling. Mind you, I am a bit of a wimp.

Some of the game play is a bit pish since it suffers from the age-old point and click failure of having to hit the exact pixel. There are also glitches and occasionally incomprehensible areas that defy logic due to the method of movement. You know the kind, where turning to the left gets you to somewhere slight left of left or just a bit more forward so that turning right again doesn’t get back to the same place or worse still ends up with a strange creature in your face. All adds to the spooky flavour but also makes it difficult to enjoy. However, that should not put you off. If you like point and click then it’s a good outing and one you defo play in the dark when the wind blows through the creaking trees outside. There are three endings so worth taking different routes through the house and it’s weird dimensions.
Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Snog. Bit buggy for a marriage.



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