Maiden Scotland

Gig Date: May 2014
Location: O2 ABC Glasgow
Review Date: August 2014

Brilliant. I’m not a great fan of Iron Maiden preferring  Alice Cooper and Eric Clapton but I went along for the heck of it and I’m a big convert.

I’ve been to an Iron Maiden concert in SECC years ago and was very impressed by their professionalism and spot-on musicianship and here, in a small venue packed with fans, Maiden Scotland showed that same ethos. Guitar, vocals, drums, timing, fan-involvement, all of it was much more than the ticket price and such a friendly community. Don’t be fooled by their look which is more one of middle-aged dads having a laugh, these guys utterly rock at the same, break-neck  speed of Bruce and Co.

If you like Maiden, go see Maiden Scotland.

Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Snog but with provision for marriage if they can do some Alice Cooper next time.


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