Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag

Year Released: 2013
Last Played: February 2014
Review Date: August 2014
Completed? Yes
Format: PC
Company: Ubisoft

I don’t keep upgrading every 5 months so my PC is not on top form and coughed a lot playing Black Flag, so much so that I had to drop the graphics options to almost minimum. I guess I felt the effects of this early on when running across the first island. Seemed I’d got a duff game and the franchise had gone too far.

However, I persevered since I really do like the stories in AC and wanted to make sure it wasn’t just me, which it was, of course. Once I’d sorted it all out I still had to contend with blippy running and seeing the screen in a complete meltdown when the rain came on. Rain, for me, has been one of the wonderful parts of the games. I love being on  top of a mountain or building or in the middle of a busy town when the rain hits and the programmy guys have made sure that when you have the headphones on you are completely immersed in the storm. So I got used to stopping, waiting and picking up again after storms. Fortunately the story again grabbed me and I got pulled into another AC world though this time with ship-sailing playing a major part. I got used to that as well although it took a bit of time to figure out what I was doing. I don’t read the instructions much. Who does?

Gameplay was good and varied as much as this series can which is to say that it can get a bit samey but I managed to put up with that and end up liking the little touches of colour and background. Characters are still great and I found myself wanting their back stories to be real as if I was watching a true rep of their lives. Of course, there are some in there that are historical but also a few liberties.

Problems with the game play were the normal repetitive stuff and those times when you have to jump at an awkward camera angle. Perhaps these things are thrown in to keep it all ‘varied’ and as it would be too easy otherwise. All forgivable in the long term but madenning at the moment of play.

Summary: Good one. Took longer to get into than the others but I feel like I could man a ship and swig rum for a living now.

Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Marry, me hearties! Yar.


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