Wild Geese

Year Released: 1978
Main Stars: Richard Burton, Richard Harris, Roger Moore, Hardy Kruger, a host of other British actors now sadly missed.
Last watched: November 2014
Review Date: December 2014
Number Watches: 1
Format Watched: HD TV

Taped it off telly just to see if there is any old magic still left in the 70s.
You know what? There is. Ok, quite a bit dated and a lot of plot hole but the two Richards give a hell of a good show! Roger fills in as a flirt and the supporting cast put in solid performances.
Mr Burton is an immense figure and when he shouts at the soldiers you really know who’s boss. Mr Harris is wild but with a heart and is every bit as big on screen as his co-star.
Direction is actually very good with only a few of the extras showing as a little out of place. The plot could be one from today, thin as it is, and there’s a strange feeling that the script, which is also light, is actually quite good. Not that you’d pay attention to it as the movie is all about that boys-own feeling. No girls allowed except those who try to hold the men back to do the gardening!

Maybe a bit too much dust being kicked up in the ‘shh! hide!’  sections but not bad for an old bugger of a film.

If you feel like you want to see an old movie then this is one to try. Worth seeing the second half, after they get on the plane for the first time. Mind you, after that bit you’ve pretty much seen the major part of most 1970’s war movies.

Keep DVD?


Watch if on TV?
No. I’ve done my time, guvn’r. Nothing left for me there now.

Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Snog? No, real guys don’t snog!


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I'm just another film watcher with an opinion.
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