Year Released: 1942
Main Stars: I don’t know these guys but they’re part of history! Hardie Albright, Stan Alexander, Bobette Audrey
Last watched: January 2015
Review Date: January 2015
Number Watches: 2 ?
Format Watched: TV
Bambi. The name strikes fear into every man. It’s a chick-flick they cant resist and we need to avoid at all costs!

Actually…dont write it off so quickly. It’s a very well animated and directed movie with loads of well studied animal characteristics. An exception being the dialog but you have to remember this is just a cartoon!

Ok, contradiction time – a movie that’s described as “just a cartoon” ? When you watch it – and I urge you do as you’ll be mesmerised by the whole thing very quickly and time will just fly past – you should note that although there are various ‘deep’ shots going into or pulling out of the vegetation of the forest, the whole thing is shot in a kind of left to right or right to left mode. There isnt much about long camera angles or anything that we now take for granted in the big computer creations. It’s just like a cartoon. I guess this is a limitation of the times as much as the technology. I know that Disney Studios went for many matte images clamped into a specially constructed camera box thing to try to create a 3D world – not that kind, just depth – but the characters move from left to right or right to left. It’s ok, but noticable afterwards.

So a movie? Yes, it’s more than a cartoon as there’s glimpses of how well directed the idiosicrises are and there’s a full on story, all be it filled with wimpsy.

I wanted to watch with my big, semi-intelligent adult eyes something from my childhood. I got lost in the forest and enjoyed every minute. Simple, sweet, fun and slightly environmental.

This one is worth giving in to and it’s only 70 mins long.

Keep DVD?

Possibly…? Think it needs to be with other Disney stuff though and I’d need extras.
Watch if on TV?
No. I say that now but actually I don’t know for sure.
Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Snog. That doesn’t sound good – snog Bambi. Really doesn’t, does it?


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