Team America

Year Released: 2004
Main Stars: Trey Parker, Matt Stone
Last watched: September 2015
Review Date: April 2015
Number Watches: 4
Format Watched: DVD

“got to fade out on a montage”

There is no easy way to put it – crass, insulting, racists, full of swearing and juvenile. I love it.
In no way am I advocating racism in films and perhaps I’d think twice if it was against my own culture but this is funny on a very low level.
Not for everyone. Oh, by gum no.

The sets and script are at times hilarious and also rubbish but none of that matters. It’s not meant to be an homage to puppetry or some other tribute. This is just supposed to be crass, insulting, racists, full of swearing and juvenile.

Any good? Yes if you like South Park, no if you don’t. Pretty much the same idea.

Extras: Quite good behind the scenes stuff.

Keep DVD?

F*** yeah!
Watch if on TV?
A whole bunch.
Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Matt Damon.



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