An American Werewolf In London

Year Released: 1981
Main Stars: David Naughton, Griffin Dunne , Jenny Agutter, Brian Glover, Rik Mayall, John Woodvine, Frank Oz
Last watched: September 2016
Review Date: May 2015
Number Watches: 4 or 5
Format Watched: DVD (2 disc special edition)

“A naked American stole my balloons”

Classics are old things that have a status beyond their mere parts. American Werewolf is a classic.

The transformation scene with it’s accompanynig music is an icon in horror. The idea of being followed around by a wisecracking ghoul works so well that it’s still in use today although now it’s got to have so much more importance that the humour is mostly lost.

Filmed on what looks like a shoestring (except for the crash scene) and scripted with characters that all scream out for their own TV shows, this is one that you need to watch. Yes, a bit clunky in a classic way but so forgivable.

Horror? Tick. Funny? Tick. Quirky? Tick. What more do you want?

Extras: A sort of documentary split in to parts and showing all the locations of filming as they are today – cool. Candid interviews with John Landis and the cast whch frankly show that everyone involved has very fond memories. Interview with the special effects guy who not only remembers loads of odd details but also gives a pretty good incite into the mind of an enthusiast. Well worth finding the extra disc.

Update (September 2016): No change, still good. Get yer bad moon rising! Grr, grrr, grrrrrr!

Keep DVD?

Yes-moon rising.
Watch if on TV?
Defo-moon rising.
Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Marry-moon rising. Hooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwl!


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