Evan Almighty

Year Released: 2007
Main Stars: Steve Carell, Morgan Freeman, John Goodman, Wanda Sykes
Last watched: July 2015
Review Date: July 2015
Number Watches: 3
Format Watched: TV

“Act Of Random Kindness”

The subject matter of America and God don’t sit well as something I’d want to watch and yet there are many such films, like this one, that are well made and have an endearing quality that perhaps goes beyond the subject matter.

Steve is one of America’s good guys and always fun to watch. Not hilarious stand out hysterical, more quietly genius. His timing and adlibs are superb and when he’s given physical humour like here you can see how well he can shine with even the simplest of scripts. The plot is run-of-the-mill and can be summed up in a sentence and the effects, whilst well done, are a bit silly. Not bad, just time-consuming. This is simply because there is nothing to do but wait for the occasional joke or fun gag.

Morgan is god. He’s so likeable, sturdy and cool that it’s hard to believe he could be anything else. His god is up-to-date, personable and yet both powerful and friendly. Wanda gets some of the best lines and delivers them with impeccable comic intuition. Her scenes are gold. John and the rest of the cast are filling in space with fun characters but the movie doesn’t do them or itself justice.

Having ripped it a little, let me say that I found myself drawn to it more each time I see it. There is that comfortable factor that pulls you in. Is it Steve? The sunny valley? The obvious plot? Don’t know. Certainly fun for kids and a little for adults. If they ever made a good third one and boxed them and I had kids, that would probably be a relaxing evening of tv, know what I mean? Lazy, not too taxing and a bit of a laugh.

Keep DVD?

No. But see comment above on box set.
Watch if on TV?
Not through choice but I got caught last two times and had to stay till the end.(I actually rewound it this time to see the start.)
Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Snog like this is a nice but not good looking friend and we’re both waiting for someone better to come along.


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