Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery

Year Released: 1994
Main Stars: Mike Myers, Elizabeth Hurley, Michael YorkRobert WagnerSeth Green
Last watched: August 2015
Review Date: September 2015
Number Watches: 3
Format Watched: TV

How can you not like Austin Powers? Well, I didn’t at first. Couldn’t get to grips with the little dancey interludes and the OTT 60s parts.

Then I watched it again and I got it. Do NOT go into this with any snobby attitudes to what makes a good movie and you can then enjoy all the silliness there is to offer.

Mike, Elizabeth and, er, Mike again, are all fantastically and perfectly spoofs of the 60s and 90s upper-class nonsense. I so get it now! Oh, behave!

There’s a Mike Myers touch to some films that hits the ordinary person in the funny bone and this highly financed frolic of frivolity has that in shed loads. It’s stupid, even moronic and at it’s heart is a school-kid playing at dumb-ass. So good it’s classic!

Wonderfully made, scripted and performed exactly as you would have done yourself if you’d thought of it!

Get it. Enjoy. Full-family fun, too, but with loads for each generation to giggle and guffaw at!


Keep DVD?
GIVE IT TO ME, GIVE IT TOO ME! Oh, Baby, yeah!
Watch if on TV?
Yeserooni, baby.
Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Snog, baby, yeah!


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