Once Upon A Time In Mexico

Year Released: 2003
Main Stars: Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Johnny Depp
Last watched: September 2015
Review Date: September 2015
Number Watches: 3
Format Watched: DVD

“Are you a Mexi-CAN or a Mexi-CAN’T?”

“I want you to have a little bite of my pork”


Slick, star-studded and handsome. Like me. However I wasn’t totally satisfied and thought that it didn’t reach the full potential. Like… well, we’ll leave the similies for a moment.

Antonio smouldering, cool and dangerous, Johnny quirky, moody and dangerous, Salma sexy, strong and dangerous. So we have a common theme but a lot of meandering. I’d watch it again and would like the majority of the action, the wonderful little quirks,  but there were too many paths to follow that meant the plot seemed to lose focus on the main guys every so often. If I’m gonna watch a single minded, hollywood violent slab of sexy-funny revenge movie then I need it to be simplified, distilled and to have the good/bad/ugly merge into smooth-operating giants in their fields, not just posters. Ok, a bit of a mouthy thing to say but what I mean is I’d like this to have been bigger feeling and it wasn’t.

Well made, incredible production values and fun but not the cult-style biggie I was expecting for such a large title. Still, a very good Mexican Western.

DVD Extras: really good ‘making of’ with some outtakes and a good couple of ‘how I make films’ bits from Robert Rodriguez. His set up is amazing and the effort he must put into making films is incredible. The guy must sleep with a camera on a bed of green screen. Really good for the budding directors/producers out there.
He also knows how to cook, as he shows us.

Keep DVD?

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Snog, Marry, Avoid?


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