Star Trek 2 : The Wrath of Khan

Year Released: 1982
Main Stars: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, Ricardo Montalban , George Takei, Walter Koenig , Majel Barrett, Nichelle Nichols
Review Date: November 2015
Last watched: August 2015
Number Watches: 4
Format Watched: DVD


“He was the most <girly noise> human”


“The needs of the one out weight … the needs of the few… or the one”

“I have been and always shall be your friend”

Star Trek, the original series, lives on in Wrath of Khan. Everyone’s age is well used too with grumpy old sots creaking in their tricorders. Khan is a wonderful vehicle for Ricardo with his incredible chest and wonderful power and although the love interest is a little rubbish, there’s still an acceptance that this is the right universe for that sort of thing.

Oh, there isn’t much of a story anymore. At the time it came out and for years later, this was a good-time movie with enough jumping around and twisty little quirks of the Enterprise that kept us on our toes but now it’s what it is; an old toy you remember from childhood and always want to cuddle when you see it, even though it’s covered in dust, a bit smelly and the innards are showing in places.

I like William. He’s got a very relaxed way of acting around big sets that should be intimidating and that makes you actually believe he’s been there for years. In many ways he has. DeForest isn’t so comfortable and Leonard is, well, Spock. Everyone fits nicely in place as do the recycled scenes from the first movie and that wee man in a space suit bouncing around and waving. Watch both and see what I mean!

A comfy film filled with olde-worlde scifi object d’art from clunky phaser rifles to exploding sets, it has all you’d expect. Yes, it’s a kid’s scifi now. Yes, it’s a dad’s scifi. Yes, it’s a geek’s scifi. Actually I think there’s enough here for everyone to see a couple of times before they reach for the bucket list.

DVD Extras: I got the box set (Original Motion Picture Collection) of all the films and started watching them through so the DVD extras merged. For the most part there were some nice touches and a lot of effects parts with one or two interesting nuggets on each but not masses of wonderful insight. No great bloopers or that.

Keep DVD?
Yes. It’s got a nice flavour of old Star Trek.

Watch if on TV?
Yep, done that, will do a

Snog, Marry, Avoid?
A good old snog.


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