Jupiter Ascending

Year Released: 2015
Main Stars: Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum, Sean Bean, Eddie Redmayne
Review Date: January 2016
Last watched: January 2016
Number Watches: 1
Format Watched: DVD

“I hate my life”

“Your Majesty”

“I love dogs”

Got very bad press, this one. I suspect it was due to some hype going around as it’s not that bad.

The plot and some of the script are a little bit cheesy, perhaps aimed at a kiddies market, but the production value is incredible. Computer effects are effortless and at no point did I think the large dragon men were not what they appeared to be.  Alright, perhaps a bit of my brain that still thinks reality is a ‘good thing’ knew it, but the rest of me in sci-fi wonderland did not see any CGI outlines or badly done fight scenes.

Costumes, extras, sets and the sci-fi dynamics/mechanics were all superb, no complaint there at all.

So, on to the acting. Fine. Channing and Mila were nice as the obviously-going-to-get-it-on-after-a-lot-of-near-misses-and-heroics  couple.  She’s still gorgeous and he’s, well, I guess he might be a bit buff, if that was what I was in to. It’s a shame, then, that this aspect of their charisma was not shown. I mean, there are a lot of places where Mila has costume changes and there are very few that show off her figure or even the costume. It’s as if her strong female role is more important than making her look womanly. Before you go off on one at this apparent sexist remark let’s get honest here and understand that the sweety wrapper scifi on show here is ALL about sexy and to deny that aspect to the central characters of what is a big dreamy fantay is to be up your arse trying to make this ‘intellectual.’ Channing gets a few places to show his musces but is mostly in the distance as a small figure zooming around. The sets were also sexy and again not given much screen time. Makes me wonder whether there was a bit too much concern given by the director for getting the target-audience than for making the most of the movie. Perhaps editing a little strongly and trying to have too much action or concern that the lead female role didn’t look strong enough.

Eddie and Sean played their roles solidly as you would expect although I think Eddie was miscast as he’s not the most, um, powerful looking baddie. His evil manager role was good but this script surely called for OTT boss man to really fill out the fights.

Anyway, there are bad films and excellent films and this one is… ok. Chasing Dune for audacity and opulence but not doing anything to make itself proud.

A bit of fun but not mind-blowing.

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