Year Released: 2015
Main Stars: Sharlto Copley , Dev Patel , Ninja , Yo-Landi Visser , Jose Pablo Cantillo , Hugh Jackman , Sigourney Weaver
Review Date: November 2015
Last watched: January 2015
Number Watches: 1
Format Watched: Bluray

“Chappie have fears! Chappie have fears!”

An AI style film with a southern hemisphere twist, Chappie is not great on story or scripts but fully neck deep in characterisation, humour and keep-you-watching-ability.

Sharlto is awesome as Chappie and the effect team have managed to make the main character seem impossibly real. I was jumping between “must be a man in a suit” to “has to be CGI, but where is the CGI!”  All the time, Chappie is believable and Dev, Ninja and Yo-landi are cooly extrodinary, perhaps taking a bit of getting used to but certainly worth the effort. Also throw out an ‘awesome job’ to the production team for locations and effects.

Hugh and Sigourney are not so great. Their names are a little larger than their roles and of all the players, theirs are the least needed and feel a bit like pandering to studio and commerce than to getting the casting right.

However, no matter what the criticism, there deservers to be a second Chappie…as long as it’s done well and has a reason rather than just a follow up.

BLURAY EXTRAS: Quite a good making of and interviews with a lot of insight into the world of the actors, director, choices, effects and locations.


Keep DVD?
Chappie keep.

Watch if on TV?
Chappie watch.

Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Chappie have snogs, beeches.


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