Mr Holmes

Year Released: 2015
Main Stars: Ian McKellen , Laura Linney , Milo Parker , Hiroyuki Sanada
Review Date: January 2016
Last watched: January 2016
Number Watches: 1
Format Watched: DVD

A slow film but with a well known subject matter and a promise of some different slant to a known cliché.

Ian did not disappoint. He knows his skill and what is required from him, perfectly portraying a young(er) and old Sherlock with the mindful prowess expected in each case.
Milo is fantastic. He’s such a star, and Laura plays the disgruntled and likeable part superbly with a wonderful accent.

Yes, a slower film but none the less gripping and certainly intriguingly directed and edited.

I like the Sherlock Holmes character and expect certain levels of thought in the scripts so was really happy with the result, even though there are less artifacts of the detective than you expect. There, I’ve left you with a little thought to unravel. Kinda. (not really)

Well done all round, everything about it is believable and I even started to wonder is anyone alive had met Sherlock in his formative years!

Really good.

DVD Extras: Not great. A few badly cut interviews. Milo is sooooo grown up! He must be about sixty!

Keep DVD?
Yes. Elementary.

Watch if on TV?
Yes. Fascinating.

Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Marry. It’s a singular film.


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