Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace

Year Released: 1999
Main Stars: Liam Neeson , Ewan McGregor , Natalie Portman , Ian McDiarmid , Kenny Baker Anthony Daniels, Frank Oz ,Jake Lloyd
Review Date: February 2016
Last watched: December 2015
Number Watches: 3
Format Watched: BluRay Boxset

So when Star Wars was to come back it was such a big thing. Then Phamtom Menace appears and everyone was like “Whaaaat?” and so much back and forth between those defending it since, well, “it’s Star Wars!”, and those who felt it was a let down.

With hindsight, they were all right. Actually, it was obvious that everyone was right at the time but you have to let these things bed in a bit like patio slabs! So, having tried to take an unbias view of the film itself and not to get too caught up with the whole franchise thing, I find I can now give an honest idea of what I think.

It’s pants.

There are a couple of chases and a fight that are set pieces and it’s all for kids who still like watching Winnie the Poo – flashing pictures and silly things. Now that’s ok if you believe the rubbish that this is a ‘kids’ film but what about the masses of dull politics and ooh-look-at-me-being-all-sinister-in-a-tiny-tots-way . Really, I counted a good half hour of boredom just to try to set the scene for the other films being made. This is bad writing and production trying to cover all plot points and still constictingly, perhaps by design or fear of rejection, aim for an audience in a way it never needed to worry about. I want to see something good, not rely on the name of the film to cover all evils.

Acting is kinda ok. It was all a bit stinted for the most part and although Liam’s character fitted that look, it was another dulling effect on the overall look. Contract to the cartoon characters who were so over the top it’s really a joke that so much money was spent on the rest of the effects and design. But the acting was not going to be an issue so why waste so much time on over-long waffle about the Senate and the Order and other nonsense. Just get on with the scifi! If you go through and dump all the attempts at dramatic discussions, you find you don’t need any of them.

At the end of the day it’s not a film worth watching and can be missed out, even if you’re a fan. It’s an indulgence by Lucas and the studio that was never thought out and possibly over-controlled by the author. Even kids have a limit to amount of dross they can be given.

Clearly a set up on the way to making the set of movies. Clearly caching in and using us as a money spinner since, duh, this is STAR WARS. Clearly didn’t get the balance to be a kids movie or adult movie but rather turns out to be a failed attempt to portray an incredibly detailed adult world, saccharin’ed-up-a-bit to be for the young kids, giving just enough kak for each audience to find a bit boring.

In my opinion, George, just my opinion, and I’m a fan.


BOX SET EXTRAS: Loads. I mean, every costume, ship design, make up you can imagine. A good collection of clips and interviews with the various factions of the production. However, and this might just be me, I got so bored that I couldn’t be bothered with most of it. I want funny asides from the cast and crew and a few shouldn’t-be-told stories. The rest didn’t appeal to me.


Keep DVD?
No. Even as part of the box set I’d want to miss this out.

Watch if on TV?
No. I mean, it’s Star Wars but there really isn’t any draw to watch.

Snog, Marry, Avoid, Hug?
Avoid. Nothing worth seeing.


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