Star Wars Episode 2 Attack of the Clones

Year Released: 2002
Main Stars: Ewan McGregor , Natalie Portman ,Hayden Christensen, Ian McDiarmid , Kenny Baker Anthony Daniels, Frank Oz , Christopher Lee , Samuel L. Jackson
Review Date: March 2016
Last watched: December 2015
Number Watches: 2
Format Watched: BLU RAY (box set)

“Mmm. Lost a planet, Master Obi-Wan has. How embarrassing”

“This is such a drag”

There are a number of reasons to keep films as seperate entities and not relate back to any previous versions or ‘first one versus the second one’ discussions.
Having said that, the previous film was a disappointment and this one is better but still a bit rubbish.

Here we have the massive link between the very first ‘Star Wars’ and the history that this batch of three films (Ep 1,2 and 3) are trying to build. As such, from a fan point of view, it’s quite interesting. Stormtroopers and all that. However, as a stand-a-lone film it’s not much more than a B movie. (Yes, I can hear the screams of ‘true’ fans from the other side of the screen already!)

The big dissappointment is Hayden. He’s just a broody American. He would be brilliant in Twilight or any other teeny ‘nobody understands me’ tripe but here he has no weight or real anger. Sorry, Hayden, I know they picked you for a reason but I dont get it at all. I want this main, arcing character to have a hidden cruisin’ for a bruisin’ feel, not puffin’ for a huffin’.

Another wasted opportunity is Christopher’s character. He’s got such a talent and it was wasted in tiny little fight moves and wide angle cameras. Where’s the close ups and the Dracula menace?

Saving grace is Natalie. She looks good (oh, boy, does she!) and she’s exactly the leader and girl you need to have without going too softy, too grumpy or too unbreakable. Ewan makes a good attempt at solemn solidity but I dont think he was into the role as much as he could have been. Maybe that’s the director trying to force an Alec Guiness when they could have had him make his own Obi Wan. Maybe, dare I say it, they cast the wrong guy.

Something to bear in mind is that I could watch this film again for the spectacle of it but I could also miss it and not be bothered, you know?  So another piece in this tired prequel trilogy. Another disappointment.


BOX SET EXTRAS: Loads. I mean, every costume, ship design, make up you can imagine. A good collection of clips and interviews with the various factions of the production. However, and this might just be me, I got so bored that I couldn’t be bothered with most of it. I want funny asides from the cast and crew and a few shouldn’t-be-told stories. The rest didn’t appeal to me.


Keep DVD?
Yes but only as part of the box set.

Watch if on TV?
Yes, I guess. I’d be ok making a cup of tea in the middle though and not pausing it.

Snog, Marry, Avoid, Hug?
Hug. This is a new category I’ve added for those that are just a bit ‘meh’ without being offensive.


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