Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith

Year Released: 2005
Main Stars: Ewan McGregor , Natalie Portman ,Hayden Christensen, Ian McDiarmid , Kenny Baker Anthony Daniels, Frank Oz , Christopher Lee , Samuel L. Jackson
Review Date: March 2016
Last watched: December 2015
Number Watches: 3
Format Watched: BLU RAY (box set)

“She’s carrying twins”

“Obi-Wan there is good in him. I know there is still”

“Good relations with the Wookies, I have”

“Execute order 66”


Alright, Star Wars again. This time the last in the bad batch. I say this with hindsight but even as I watched this one again I remember some of the bad effects, the flying R2 unit, the wasted time on ‘action’ scenes that were fillers rather than useful, all sorts of stuff.

But I’m not going to get hung up on the bad that, as a fan, I think should have been better. Rather I’ll stick to the film for its own sake.

Bit contrived and dull. No, really, this isn’t a fan talking about what he wanted to see, this is someone wanting to see a good film. If I hadn’t seen any other Star Wars I’d have less interest.

The plot doesn’t hold up to scrutiny when you think of all the Jedi powers that are supposed to be flying around. There is only one point to this film and it’s to justify the connection to the others. Honest, I just cant see the point of all the lovey-dovey bits and kinda think that a better direction and script could have made this a good film. Perhaps there was too much studio pressure.

Christopher’s talents are wasted, Ewan is energetic and believable but Hayden is, well, still not best suited to the role – in my humble opinion. Natalie and the others are there to move the plot forward but there are no outstanding performances. Mind you, everyone is part of the scenery as this entire movie was a lead up to the last scene, the Vader reveal, and it really does show. Did we need this film? No. Is it a good film? Not really. A few nice scenes but forgettable.

Why do something on this scale if it’s got so much filler? Maybe money? It’s a definite money spinner. Maybe to finish off a life-long passion? Not sure that holds up unless you in such a position that you can do anything without being criticised enough. Maybe the fans just kept on at you and you grabbed at something nearby.

Whatever the reason for this movie, and the two before it, I’m glad they’re finished. We didn’t need them as movies or as part of the Star Wars world. This one was ok and I’d watch it again but there are a lot of ho-hum moments – in lava, for instance – that if all copies everywhere were lost, I wouldn’t give a midi-chlorian.


BOX SET EXTRAS: Loads. I mean, every costume, ship design, make up you can imagine. A good collection of clips and interviews with the various factions of the production. However, and this might just be me, I got so bored that I couldn’t be bothered with most of it. I want funny asides from the cast and crew and a few shouldn’t-be-told stories. The rest didn’t appeal to me.


Keep DVD?
Yes as part of the box set. On it’s own? nah.

Watch if on TV?
Yes, there’s a few nice touches amongst the dull parts.

Snog, Marry, Avoid, Hug?
Hug. I wish it were a snog but this isn’t the Star Wars Trilogy I was looking for.


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