Sucker Punch

Year Released: 2011
Main Stars: Emily Browning , Abbie Cornish , Jena Malone , Vanessa Hudgens , Jamie Chung , Carla Gugino , Scott Glenn
Review Date: April 2016
Last watched: March 2016
Number Watches: 2
Format Watched: DVD

Girls in skimpy skirts, stockings, kicking ass and a dash of steam-punk.  I admit it, I fell for it a second time when I’d already seen the film in the pictures.

Time does things to your brain and sexy looking packaging can overthrow any opinion of quality so when I saw this years after it was released, at the rock-bottom price of trade-in free, I just went for it, throwing caution to the wind and my brain out the door.

Sucker punch it was. Apt title for something that isn’t what it seems.

Girls are nice, that’s a gimme. Reeel nice with reeel nice outfits. The clunky technology is good and the quality of the production is excellent. However, the script and action is a complete let down. So slow, so little, so dull. There’s nothing special and it’s another wasted opportunity. I don’t know how many times I’ve said that about films but it’s still the case that for some reason – run out of money, schedules, crew problems, writer strikes, whatever – there are ideas that only make it part way from concept to screen and I’d say that’s what happened here.

I’m tempted to over-analyse and say that with a more powerful cast, there could have been sparks of energy in those little skirts and large guns.

Don’t bother unless you’re a 14 year old boy who hasn’t got access to the internet.

DVD Extras: Interesting features on the comic-version of stories that lead to the ‘dance’ sequences. Actually more interesting than the film so why didn’t they do these bits? A few interviews but not much else.

Keep DVD?
No, sucka!

Watch if on TV?
In general, no, again, sucka! Although might sneak a peek for the sake of the girls.

Snog, Marry, Avoid, Hug?
Really didn’t want to have to admit this but Avoid. It’s not even a hug. Just all feels a bit lame.


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