V For Vendetta

Year Released: 2005
Main Stars: Hugo Weaving, Natalie Portman, Rupert Graves, Stephen Rea , Stephen Fry , John Hurt
Review Date: October 2016
Last watched: September 2016
Number Watches: 2
Format Watched: TV

The mask is the big pull here and it’s now been over used to represent everyone who wants to get away with violence and remain unrecognised. But that’s not the fault of the film!

When I first saw this one I didn’t think much of it. An emptiness and nothing really happens that you don’t see on an episode of some cop drama. Then I saw it again and, well, much the same. I guess I’m mellowing though as I didn’t dislike it enough to switch off.

It’s a supervillain/hero-in-a-mask movie and the state is made very bad so you can side with the violence but there isn’t anything much else. Very enclosed scenes and very British although to their credit there isn’t anything obviously out of place. The script isn’t perfect and the plot is a little less inventive that could have been but not too bad if you happen to like it in the first 20 mins. I didn’t. Twice.

Natalie, bless her, is the main star and does a good job of being scared, bemused and converted at various times. Stephen F and John Hurt make a relaxed job of the old acting whilst Stephen R doesn’t really fit.

Watchability (once, twice, etc.)
Keep DVD?
Watch if on TV?
Hug, Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Hug on a bonfire.


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