The Wolf on Wall Street

Year Released: 2013
Main Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio,  Jonah Hill,  Margot Robbie
Review Date: December 2016
Last watched: December 2016
Number Watches: 1
Format Watched: DVD

Leonardo always make me wary of his films and then actually ends up being good soI approached this flick on an even keel, trying not to take too much baggage to it.

I need not have worried. Not only is the film engaging but also his performance is top notch. It’s a long movie but has lots of movement from one plot piece to the next like your on a steady path so although time doesn’t disappear, it doesn’t go slowly.

Script wonderful but a bit complicated at times however the humour is so well placed and acting so good that there was a level of comfort and good fun on the path.

Not sure if the second view will be as good as the first but I’d risk it to find out. You know that way you look at all the presents on your birthday and get really excited then the next day you kind of wonder what the big deal was? I’m guessing this might be one of those presents. Willing to find out is a good sign though.

DVD Extras: Stuff on the real guy (very illuminating) and a kind of making of.

Watchability (once, twice, etc.)
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