Assassin’s Creed

ar Released: 2017
Main Stars: Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons
Review Date: January 2017
Last watched: January 2017
Number Watches: 1
Format Watched: 3D

“leap of faith!”

I like the games and had big reservations about a film-of-the-game. I went into this with low expectations.

Michael was good although I thought his part was more for muscle than acting. Marion was a little bit on the side (not meant to sound offensive but her character was less than necessary) and Jeremy was a cool cucumber as we expect, really stealing the show for the humans.

The other massive player was, as expected, the effects. Good and exciting though they were, I think the script was pushed aside and some of the entire-army-against-individuals bits were over the top, certainly letting it down. In the games (I’m trying not to make a comparison, honest!) there is an overview of locations, a setup for the in-the-past scenes where we have a layout of what the Assassins need to overcome. Here we did not and suddenly got confronted by overwhelming odds. I know it’s all condensed for this cinema outing but a couple of minutes of prepping the audience would have been enough to really make a difference.

The Animus – the long arm thingy – sounded unnervingly like ‘enemas’ and is going to be difficult to replicate in sequels, should there be any. Shame as the tech it represents is wonderful. I’d like to have seen a back-story to this.

Overall I went in with a low bar and it was about right which is disappointing. More script in the regression scenes and less concentration on the present, please. Give the idea time to breath.

Yes, go see it whether you are fans of the games or just like action. Just, you know, don’t expect anything deep.

3D effect: Yeah, a few out-of-the-screen moments and some noticeable people-in-front-of-other-people bits. An extra element but not substantial and in some rather frantic scenes I think it actually made them a little more confusing. I wore glasses for this one and although the 3D glasses fitted neatly over them there might have been some lack of clarity in these scenes.

Watchability (once, twice, etc.)
Keep DVD?
No. Maybe at some point there will be a box set like the games and it might make sense then to have the lot.
Watch if on TV?
Hug, Snog, Marry, Avoid?


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