Year Released: 1997
Main Stars: Jodie Foster,  Matthew McConaughey,  Tom Skerritt,    James Woods, John Hurt                 
Review Date: July 2017
Last watched: July 2017
Number Watches: 2
Format Watched: TV

You’d think that 20 years after Star Wars they would have learned a few things about making a good scifi but appears not.

Plot is ok, I get it – simple, more thought than action. Most of the acting is just enough to get by although not particularly deep but then that might be because of the rubbish script that seems to deliver just one-dimensional people.

Oh and awful main character casting.

Jodie is trying, bless her. She puts on some big emotional scenes with lots of tears and upsetiness but as the main lead she’s a wimp and gets propped up by the men giving her hugs. Her character is supposed to be a strong female that gets blocked by male prejudice but really she’s a bit of a cry-baby that seems incapable without a man by her side. Needed a much stronger actor to pull that one off.

Script, direction, casting all just make the movie seem very vapid, predictable and not supportive of the main ideas.

Watchability (once, twice, etc.)
Keep DVD?
Watch if on TV?
Yes, once.
Hug, Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Hug but at arms length. I don’t want to avoid completely but it’s like a toy from when you were a kid and didn’t realise it was rubbish – there’s a vague sort of connection but you should really just throw it out and forget it.


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