Year Released: 2017
Main Stars: Hugh Jackman,  Patrick Stewart,  Dafne Keen            
Review Date: July 2017
Last watched: February 2017
Number Watches: 1
Format Watched: Cinema (2D)

“It’s beside water”

Old people being crotchety but with powers and shit. There you go, that’s the film.

Patrick and Hugh work really well together and the script/direction makes the most of that. It’s good to see something from Marvel with less big-badda-boom and more character writing. This isn’t the only dramatic effort from their stable but it’s definitely a law unto itself and maybe a precedent for where the super-heros of today might go tomorrow. Two really powerful stage actors deep into the moral problems of super-killers and trying hard not to want the family ties offered by a little girl and her friends.

So that brings us on to Dafne who is a cracker of an actor. Some kids get it, some don’t, and she does. She’s just as crotchety as the old guys. Good future ahead and her scenes are worth waiting for.

Having said that and acknowledging that I’d watch this a number of times, there’s still some part of me wants something that I can’t quite understand isn’t there. Does anyone else get that? It’s not an empty film, far from it. There’s action, drama, emotions all over the place and a pile of scifi in the undercurrent that doesn’t ever seem out of place or OTT. So what’s this mysterious thing that seems lacking? Sorry I don’t know. It’s a feeling, you know? I think I’m gonna have to see this one again to find out. Perhaps there’s a part of me wants a much deeper adult tone, something really, really serious. This is about a vicious slasher after all.

Maybe it’s just me. I’d certainly put this one forward for scifi/comic nerds, older teenagers and grown-ups wanting to feel on level with the heroes that have creaking knees for a change! I wouldn’t think that it’s one for smaller kids though and also probably not great for those wanting big-badda-boom time.

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