Honest and opinionated reviews of films for what they are, not what the director made before or what the actor likes for breakfast. I’ve written these reviews for a quick overview of whether the films are any good or not.

A bit about Me

I like films. It’s a hobby that most people have but probably dont take seriously. Fair enough. The lighting and music of a movie can be a big mood maker and really pull you in or put you off but do you ever notice it?

Anyway, I’ve tried to notice stuff like that now with varying degrees of success. Bit like the bass line in music – massively influential and you can end up humming the bass line more than the melody without thinking about it.

So to summarise, I’ve got opinions on films and I’ve tried to keep them as down to earth as possible. If I dont like a film then I’ll say so. Apart from that, this is just an excuse to blurble online about something.