Filum Reviews

So what’s this about and why bother?

Well, I’m wanting to give a clear, honest opinion on whether a film is worth bothering about or not. I’ve not got a need to state how much I’m into movies or how much I know about this or that. I just like watching them and I have an opinion. If this helps with your choice of viewing then good, if not then so be it. I give no apologies for this being my about my opinion and not a reflection of any pack-led cliches.

So what do I do here? I might try to detail the film a bit at the start but don’t go into it very much. You can do that yourself. I’m not here to give you a summation of the plot but rather if the film’s any good. If you want to IMDB it or hit Rotten Tomatoes go ahead – you’re already on the internet. If you want an uncommercial and honest opinion with no frills (I don’t do frills) then step up and have a look.

I also don’t review things I can’t remember. Like most of you, I’ve seen hundreds of films, maybe even tipping the thousand – it’s remarkable how many when you start counting them! But there’s no point giving out lies and guess work about how much I think I remember a film I saw ten years ago. I started this blog in 2010ish and only add real reviews of stuff I saw the year before or thereafter. If I ever do anything else then feel free to chastise me furiously and force me to give a reckoning. The only concession I make to this is the quickies list I might keep adding to for my own fun so I can relive the memories of films without making out I know a lot about them.

My final verdict is based on what I would do with the film. See below for a vague definition of the review process I’m trying to use. There might be new sections of info added from time to time, like whether I watched the DVD or TV. I’ll try to add this retrospectively so there’s a consistent format of review.

Criteria for watching a film on TV is not as clear cut as opposed to watching something you can put on at any time via a DVD/BluRay/On Demand. With a DVD, you put it on and sit down for the entertainment thereby making it an event you chose to waste your time on. With TV schedules you’re dictated by the schedule so it’s not always as convenient and it’s that convenience that makes the difference. Is this a film you would watch based on someone else’s schedule? In many ways the TV option is a bigger statement about your preferences than keeping the recording / DVD.

Genre is reflected in the categories.
Year Released:
Main Stars: My main stars, and not just a list of credits. Go look it up if you want that.
Last watched: I think it’s important to say that I’m not digging up a show-off amount of films but rather a useful, quick review to give you a yes/no in your moment of need.
Number Watches: The number of times I’ve watched it, not the number of watches in the film. I haven’t found that web site yet. Sounds thrilling. Anyway, ‘number of watches’ might be useful if you think I’m just knee-jerk reacting or not. My intention is not to do that but I’m as liable as anyone else.
Format Watched: DVD / TV / MOVIE THEATRE / 2D / 3D / BluRay / IMAX

The blah blah blah stuff goes in here.

Would I want to put this on of an evening having watched it before?

Watch if on TV?
Would I get caught up in watching it based on TV schedules? A film has to have something a bit catchy to get this but a lot of times it’s intrigue rather than a good film, you know? Seen it once and thought it had potential so want to watch it again. That kind of thing.

Snog, Marry, Avoid, Hug?
A bit of a score card. I tend to Marry those that I’d keep and Snog those that I’d be ok watching again. Avoid is left for those that I’d quite happily forget about. I added the ‘Hug’ option as Snog is quite strong for some films but they’re not really as bad as Avoid. Kinda cop out option I guess. At some point I might get rid of it again and stop sitting on the fence….

I don’t put a big out-of-a-hundred score against things as that’s too easy to make wildly inaccurate and I’d have to keep coming back and re-evaluating based on new releases. Can you be sure your opinion of an old film is the same when you’ve watched loads of others through the years? Be honest and watch something you loved as a kid and see if it’s as good. So giving scores is very much based on contemporary moments in your life and I’m not here to give eternal ratings, just my own, flaky opinions.


Don’t like something I’ve set up here? Don’t care. Happy to see your comments on films but don’t try to use me as a platform for your next big-head career of how many director names you can reference or your in-depth knowledge of the history of film. Not my problem. Comment on my review, comment on your own thoughts, but if you want to write chapters then get your own site.