Year Released: 2015
Main Stars: Daniel Craig , Christoph Waltz , Ralph Fiennes , Léa Seydoux , Monica Bellucci , Ben Whishaw , Naomie Harris
Review Date: November 2015
Last watched: January 2018
Number Watches: 1
Format Watched: IMAX

James Bond is back. However. It’s all the old movies rolled in to one. Some of the effects, some of the locations, the pace, the start, these are all old-time 007 and it’s good to see but it’s a bit like seeing the same gadget used twice in a movie – you like it but at the same time want something different. Didn’t like the weak ending.

Daniel is still energetic, Christoph is fun and Monica is underused. Honestly, Monica is really hardly in it and not an important or memorable role. Ben has been given a more believable role and even uses computers as if they were from the real world rather than mysterious 3D alien things. Obviously that’s the script and effects departments that did that but he’s still a good fit for the geek-on-the-streets part he’s been written. Ralph and Naomie also add what they can but clearly all three are now a Mission Impossible style add-on collective to Daniel’s Bond and for me, Bond should be on his own somewhere warm, not getting his nice-guys gang to help out. The bosses and clever-clogs are not field agents.

It’s all terribly exciting and the production crew have done an excellent job with the sets, locations, camera work, effects and script. It’s just a bit weak and obviously another set up for the next film. I remember when James Bond films stood on their own, now there seems to be a reliance on accepting that BOND WILL BE BACK and so some plot points ‘arc’ – are not concluded until next time.

Still, as a film it’s good fun and the IMAX part was well worth it. My suspicion is that the next movie will feature a full-on army offensive near the end as it’s the only bit of the old Bond idiom that’s missing now.

Update: January 2018 : Yeah, exactly same as what 2015 me said above but on second viewing there’s less to like. Humour’s missing too. I HOPE there’s a big song and big army fights in next one. That would be awesome.

Keep DVD?
Yes in a 007 box set, not on it’s own.

Watch if on TV?
Yes. It’s JB. Who doesn’t??

Snog, Marry, Avoid?
Reluctantly snog. I wish I wanted him more…oh, James, is it me??


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